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Model photo of Socrates Entry Pavilion.
Socrates Entry Pavilion


The inclusive nature of Socrates Sculpture Park's community-driven programming and the industrial physical history of the land both offer a rich layer of memory and define a challenging and complex site. Our pavilion is a wayfinding tool for the park, both a portal and a beacon, and produces directionality across the landscape. It is a resolute modifier to the entry experience. Our kiosk provides information and shelter, while offering visitors different experiences from nearby and afar. It is formally simple, and clad in inexpensive and durable industrial materials meant to weather together with the site. Moving from one side to another, the stark exterior reveals an activated interior to the visitor. Its abstract, monolithic quality is foreign, a true folly in this setting.







pavilion, competition

Queens, New York, USA

Socrates Sculpture Park


64 sf


Floor plan of Socrates Entry Pavilion.
Diagram of Socrates Entry Pavilion.
Model photo of Socrates Entry Pavilion.
Elevation of Socrates Entry Pavilion.
Elevation of Socrates Entry Pavilion.
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